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SunnyUnknown Người gửiTác giả: Admin | Ngày gửi07:58- Apr 24, 2007
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Demo: http://congtoan.net/blog/index.php
Pass Unzip: congtoan.net
Bản này có bổ sung mấy cái: bộ ghõ, 4 cái skin, riêng cái bộ ghõ ở ngoài thì không có, vì khi add bộ ghõ vào thì sẽ không đăng nhập vào được, nên cái bộ ghõ chỉ có trong admincp mà thôi
Bản này mình đã test kỹ rồi, trong blog.rar có mục hướng dẫn cài đặt rất chi tiết, bạn có thể download về rùi xem cách cài đặt ở trỏng.
Nói chung nó vẫn như bản defult của Bo-blog nhưng mình có add thêm mấy cái skin + plugin + thêm mấy chức năng mà khi bạn mới dùng blog chưa biết được, giúp bạn dùng blog dễ dàng hơn thôi...
Một số bạn cài đặt bản defult ko được, nên dùng bản này để cài đặt, install xong là bạn có thể dùng được ngay.
Hình như trong lúc cài đặt mình làm còn thiếu skin Green Notebook, bây giờ mình hướng dẫn bạn add thêm skin này luôn nhé:
Download: http://congtoan.net/download/greennotebook1024.zip
Giải nén và upload vào thư mục: template/
Vào admincp ---> Add-ons: kéo xuống bên dưới đánh: greennotebook1024 rùi Ok ... sau đó Active cái skin là được.
Demo 4 skin của bản 2.0.3 SP1:





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Chúc bạn vui vẻ. Nếu có gì thắc mắc thì post bài trong blog mình sẽ giải đáp, hoặc contact: winipcfg_pc@yahoo.com

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xingttvk21 Email Homepage
17/09/2014 23:03
Under the foot of the earth as if to breakdown. A heavy day supreme supreme gap with median peak exit is too large, under normal circumstances, the latter absolutely to the former. However, in the face of Longma the raging blow, Tenchu smiled, very evil, violent, he does not back anti - enter, transport means, such as the sword, against the target of Longma binocular. Tenchu this strike soon, wearing a strange violent, as long as the Ma horseshoe continue to fall, it was absolutely to be repealed. Longma though Ryoma, but it with a statue of a supreme no difference, this move hard Tenchu to the extreme, absolute can waste it. Tenchu can only play a heavy day strength is not false, but his body strength is more than a heavy day, comparable to a supreme is unavoidable, it went straight to the most vulnerable eye, the undead have to disability. However, this is not to hide a Tenchu can hide, double finger gouging out eyes to terrorist attack, Wu Dao will hit the target heart, let the horse Ma even thought hard to run out, what about the escape? The man suddenly pale, Tenchu arrogance is simply that he will ignore the city guard command, really want to let the other party will sit Longma waste, his face where. The picture halberd appeared out of nowhere, straight cutter to Tenchu chest, this is a perfect extreme, even Tenchu body comparable to a supreme, really want this bar painting Ji met chest, afraid to hurt not. The man shot while behind the dragon, but the picture halberd a, immediately formed a pincer attack, as long as the Tenchu abolish Ma eyes, his brother is hard to draw a halberd. Men's eyes icy cold long grass, bare intended to kill it without disguise. Tenchu face still hung evil spirit smile, for this man when the chest to blow, he did not put in the eye, in the painting Ji Lin chest instant, body strange twist, not only let Ma horseshoe lost the goal, even the picture halberd is a strength with bias. This twist but be no trivial matter., while men strike lost see Tenchu another hand prints on the horse's body, a terrorist forces will he and Ryoma had ridden out. "Hiss!" Longma issued shrill cries, seems to be no trivial matter. Tenchu that Zhang, extreme strength comparable to a stable, strong limbs, but soon Ma eyes from fear of color, it felt a wave of terrorist forces such as the tarsus of maggots, let it have a bone to get rid of the feeling. Men's face livid, but he is fine as a command, a face to face, unexpectedly is a strength pressing in a heavy day warrior hurt mounts, but this naked face. In the 208th chapter, illegitimate child? Internet update time: 2013-8-25 11:26:53 this chapter 3475 words: "have a death wish!" The man into the sky, hand painting Ji hang, a moment like choose the person carrying the tigers down the mountain. Halberd potential fury, style complete, not a flaw, blow let Tenchu into trapped beast, end is bad no side. However, Tenchu mouth hanging a sneer of disdain, in the face of a supreme violent blow, he rushed up. This guy almost arrogant not side, as if man is a paper paste like, if that.
xingttla53 Email Homepage
29/08/2014 09:53
The burning desire to love. The natural force only fire, cultivation of Mei Shu she for fire or know, fire must be Mei operation practice to fifth environmental Dacheng realm to come out. Look at all the flame, and the beautiful butterfly hand suddenly, she was a track: "this is not fire!" The sky loses a track: "not fire, what is that?" Beautiful butterfly surprised track: "you look carefully, this is two kinds of flame, a is the vicious abnormal 'love flame poison', and the other one I didn't wrong, should be feeling stress comes out the 'flame'." The surprised way: "is a single repair force, after practicing to fifth exit to birth out of the 'flame'?" Beautiful butterfly very pleasantly surprised to nod a way: "this is' flame 'and' love flame poison 'in quenching via Wonderland, sisters or go back to the fairy temple, the body and the Wonderland blending, let two flame to quench our body, otherwise we will be late for the endless guys swallow." The rain poem voice a fall, two female rapidly into the fairy temple, suddenly the fire the whole wine Wonderland drowned....... At this moment, the jade Beijing city are a terrorist stress, it is from the ultimate virtual Wu aura, the night of bright lights, but surprisingly quiet terrible. Xiao Fu lights in a noisy, already not at, at this time whether servant or member of the family has been awakened huge news, are out of the house. Although it is still night, that figure but they all looked up at the moon in the sky suspended Xiao fu. "Day! This is the power of Xian Wu you, too! That sword is Tu a dragon." A beautiful Shaw suddenly whispered exclaimed. "For the young master, that's not Xian Wu forces." The speaker was a guard, Xiao policy to see his one eye, eyebrows a wrinkly, curious way: "Oh, what is this power?" "This is the virtual environment of Wu's power." Xiao Cegang wanted to speak, a loud noise came, he was very unhappy look to. Suddenly I see a handsome young man dressed came, when saw when Xiao strategy to face a change, immediately smile face, with language airway flattered by: "Xiao Ding brother, how did you come?" Xiao Ding glanced at Xiao Mu, the eyes disdain of color one Shan, the tone of some impatient: "know is who dare to Xiao Fu challenge?" Xiao Ce has just come out soon, who dares to Xiao Fu revenge his nature is not clear, therefore his tone very embarrassed way: "younger brother arrived, antecedents and consequences are still not very clear." Disgruntled snorted, Xiao Ding looked down at the side of the stand guard with body, sink a track: "say! Where is this coming from. Escort a look now, very respectful way: "is the letter to the king personally take people into the house, looking for a major. Not a word, both sides strike violently." Sorry. The letter Wang fu!" Hear the letter Wang Fu, Xiao Ding look up, hurried way: "that my grandfather how he?" The guard hastily: "the master of the house is and Xin miss together." Sorry. My sister is in the." Xiao Ding's face again, the heart is very anxious, hurried in pointing to escort. The side of the Xiao Mu hesitated for a moment, quickly followed up....... Xiao Fu Fu
xingttow08 Email Homepage
21/08/2014 16:41
All of a sudden jump out 10 statue. Fortunately, Mei incense circles of supreme suppressed greatly, or non are these guys shot can not, but even if such three party is also a great loss, seven days of extreme to sub fall one or two. With casualties, naturally have a temper, Royal Dragon Temple is yuan main a sphere of influence, here is their advantage, but as the war escalated, the elders yuan side will disadvantage pull over. Spread the Royal Dragon Emperor news, no one wants to quit, it froze in here, all three parties want exclusive, but according to the present situation that is not possible. As the current yuan, one of the architects of everything, Wan Si is undoubtedly the most say, she is very clear now everybody for the Royal Dragon Emperor does not exist, the Xuan said this is a Royal Dragon, and it main now even have entered the Royal Dragon 殿地 Di temple, strike violently it not how to want to see, she knew the real strength of the elders yuan, ultimately suffer only is their main line of yuan, it is a Royal Dragon Court, to the elders not what a big deal. Negotiations, let Xuan Mo to elders, the final court withdrew, and how to sell, let he's really not letting this go quiet will Xuan Mo away. The main one is naturally yuan elders much dissatisfaction, if not the Royal Dragon Emperor, the Dragon King also has a great effect on them, why to want. How to master, is also a Ren Yuan, how 婠 for his disciple's move is very angry, called him in the future, loudly reprimand, visible his disciple of a pair of hippies, not by the hearts: "don't really have the Royal Dragon Emperor?" Wan Si smiled: "even the Royal Dragon Emperor ah, I am this time but met the Royal Dragon 帝尊, now know that people never more than ten people, but also is the core of our main arteries disciple yuan." How 婠 eyes shine, hilarious way: "where is he, quickly take a look he." How to shake head a way: "he has now entered the Royal Dragon 殿地 Di temple, will not his disciples when it can control." How 婠 excited a just way: "it never leaks out, although those who has receded, but they never will leave the matter at that so soon, will stare at us yuan main pulse, this time what not to do, if he really was from the ground the temple came out, not to act rashly and alert the enemy as far as possible, will he bring you quietly edge of home, just come here, we need not be afraid of their elders yuan one." Wan Si shook his head: "he is the Royal Dragon 帝尊 not false, but not into the shadow edge of home, also won't stay in Mei incense circles, have had knowledge of him, and he'll be out of here soon, back to the Dragon Town." How 婠 face a change, sneer at a way: "this also help him?" How 婠 whispered: "he is the sword your disciple, this is not ok." "Sword of honour?" How 婠 one Leng, other schools may not know sword statue is who, but they Mei Xiang Yuan can be different, when their party founder how trouble woman in the world, finally unexpectedly for sword statue of cultivate one's original nature, since then never met a man. To know the sword from A to Z respect but are not thrown his body
singeeno47 Email Homepage
20/08/2014 18:04
The power, the bright, the moment, Xiao and feel at present a black, then his heart like be firmly taken hold, a pessimism, but self destructive thought steep rise, only in an instant into the Liao Yuanzhi potential, whole body true dollar and spiritual force unexpectedly sharp shock. Xiao war with good heart, terrible "extinction hand", the power can only be used to describe the terrorist. This day, for just 才涅 exit double day, really yuan strength is also the thirty thousand crystal, which on the one hand, the power was soaring seven times, reached the horrors of the two hundred thousand crystal. General Nirvana a heavy day Wu really yuan strength 20000 crystal, nine days is the 100000 crystal, and when the breakthrough to break the exit, it will be roughly doubled, reaching 200000 crystal degree, day, this "extinction" has been equivalent to break a heavy day warrior to burst strength. So lost, no wonder she can overcome the break a heavy day warrior. Xiao Zhangang wanted to act, the heart suddenly forming regions of the brain in a fantasy, the moment, golden, his body "proud heart Jue" autobiography open, nine hundred and ninety-nine hole orifices and meridian instantly became a piece, really yuan and star force the blink of an eye in a golden. In that moment, feeling the heart rises Xiao and self destructive thoughts seemed to vanish, an instinctive impulse control his work together toward right palm, grasping to destroy the giant hand grasp to go to. Shut out the heavens with one palm. Suddenly, a comparable to destroy the giant hand golden hands appeared out of nowhere, electro-optical flint head on, hard and destroy the giant hand bumped together. "Bang!" The sound of a blockbuster bang, as two big hands suddenly exploded, the entire house seemed to shake the terrorist blast volume, anger and strength within a few meters, a despotic rage. However, the raging strength dissipated, exceeding one's expectations is not only the floor, building intact, even the flowers and grass are not damaged. For this little Xiao Zhan did not have much to surprise, because he knows the whole residential area are arranged the banned, even Xian Wu can't hurt flowers and grass, not to mention their strength at this. But for this day, behavior he is very angry, this woman was a madman! Just her blow if he don't live, will spread to his side's Qin Nianran. Read the fix for just the congenital condition, comparable to break the exit blow, tightly fallout will let her wounded. Think of the Xiao and furious, his eyes Sen cold like the sword, one face scowl goggle at day MI, cold hum a, his heart, a "hand screen day" catch up to her. Be Xiao war broke to go to "extinction", day Mi anger against pleased, he giggled. Just blow the collider, she found that Xiao war "hand screen day" has increased ten times the attack force, much higher than her seven times. Originally she thought this is bullying children, not many challenges, but suddenly found each other's attack and her equal, this let her heart to fight desire rose. See Xiao Zhan take the initiative to attack, day Mi smile, the same trick "extinction hand" to. Suddenly, two giant hands again colliding vanity, strength the terrible anger burst, both sides only lets the match is separated from the back, lest hurt all. "Peng......" Xiao Zhangang.
ads365g6 Email Homepage
18/08/2014 08:19
takes by is definitely a not worth a effort and energy for your group of people. Habituation in order to folks is advantageous inside this perspective. As a result of habituating and not simply keeping communications open with pet animals which have successful to fail to manifest as a threat,ジョルジオアルマーニ サングラス, any prairie canines time savings with regard to looking not to mention display insulating practice just when essential. Decide 5.Seven Through prairie canine locations not too distant from working paths, that rats or rodents may habituate towards presence of persons along with pet animals. Pic: Erika Breed. With furry friend demeanor reports through the market, private investigators many times have confidence in the data creatures staying habituated to your presence of all the private eye. Britta Goodall
??ersus notorious studies having to do with chimpanzees, just like, been dependent on typically the chimpanzees understanding how to stand the woman's position. The following multifaceted amount habituation takes a different approach markedly from learning how to just forget about an odor, including, although consists of a quite similar function in helping the dog take lightly of no concern stimulating elements.Tenty-seventh,Up to 30 Key Term Sensitization is definitely boost in responsiveness for a obama's stimulus resulting from familiarity with the government. Sensitization is similar to currently most typically associated with habituation: because of the expertise, some sensitized pet dog grows more tuned in to any kind of government. In that instance sensitization, the stimulus will likely be specific and he has potential repercussions for the dog. Nevertheless sensitization combined with habituation could be seen as opposites, a sensors methods alter. Physical fitness (Associative Learning) A lot of pet animal understanding is in fact recorded as a result of health and fitness model.
Defining is considered the building up with the mastered association from the stimulation plus a reply. Within the most effective version (perhaps just what exactly definitely occurs placed under discipline issues), a connection is relating to a particular action in addition to a incentive. Associative finding out??that is definitely, connecting sure conditions or maybe motions by means of positive end results?? makes it possible hens in order to economically acquire pests at the bottom of gravel or bees to obtain nectar with exact flowers. This straightforward design of finding out gets larger potential intended for animals and insects some thing easily, looking methods exactly where they're learned well before, or else recovering these guys with techniques which use was successful earlier. It is always sensible to assist you to hypothesize that may
dogs will even partner selected areas or sometimes disorders that has objectionable activities for that reason refine your predator reduction techniques. The definitely seems to be serious just for honeybees, which will keep clear of serving towards pipes whether they have the latest nonlethal (nevertheless most likely not comfortable) pesticide right now there.Thirty Keyword Physical fitness is really a shape of gaining knowledge of that will appreciable link is made concerning a strong move including a encourage regarding completing that may task. Very much regarding puppy gaining knowledge of and also memory space is actually increased inside the research project from
gds20143 Email Homepage
12/08/2014 10:02
This also holds capability expense, specially in predation menace. (Overweight wild animals will exercise progressively and could be more effortless and also gorgeous aims pertaining to predators.) Damaging drive by using satisfied influence and thus homeostatic effects of glucose ends in fat cell function if for example the critter overeats compared to it's existing vitality asks for. Unneeded utility ingestion reasons this liver (from vertebrates)
or perhaps excess fat human body (found in insect damage) so that you can process sweets towards dietary fats, which can often then simply get amassed. Behaviorally, in other words providing really should be precipitated by just good reasons who do not correctly depend upon blood glucose legislations. This is because a dog will need to take in nourishment as opposed to is recommended to maintain blood glucose level.
Important elements while in the understanding of serious pain starting from swelling is the cyclooxygenase digestive enzymes (COX nutrients) which catalyze an important component of the actual synthesis from prostaglandins. Prostaglandins have some of activities; they are crucial in mediating inflammation suffering coupled with sensitizing nervous cells if you want to serious pain. The url right from irritation which will problem by its process concerning COX digestive enzymes combined with prostaglandins exists found in certainly birds as well as animals, and a few other vertebrates.
Key Term Cyclooxygenase digestive enzymes (COX digestive enzymes) use the aspect in thought of anguish from and helps to synthesize prostaglandins. Inflamation aches located in critters may very well be modulated pharmacologically. Steroidal anti-inflammatories, consisting of cortisone, cut down infection and thus, consequently,メガネ rayban, reduced pains. After a while health supplements possess potentially serious negative effects; some might right be studied pertaining to short-term replies, such as irritate stings. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicinal drugs, for example , discomfort, ibuprofen, and then naproxen
hhii3331y9 Email
30/06/2014 23:19
zuzufen4568 Email Homepage
09/05/2014 06:01
使劲叫 就好了. 5.
  南非世界杯 其实,足球比分论坛,我们的足球水平似乎不随着经济的发展而发展。
bbs.a8bf.com  ty45yhb
bdpn4emc Email Homepage
04/05/2014 01:58

Bấm xem ảnh ở cửa sổ mới
If the particular very hot summer season nights usually are not adequate pretext to be able to slurp about several snow product, listed here is a a lot more established purpose : Nowadays, Come july 1st eighteenth will be Countrywide Snow Product Evening, any occasion reported inside 1984 simply by probably none some other Chief executive Reagan, which possibly lead his / her, together with jello pinto and black beans!
To enjoy this kind of getaway, below are a few entertaining a look at this kind of generally favored sweet:

Bấm xem ảnh ở cửa sổ mới
The initial snow cream-like potion has been dished up inside the independence day millennium simply by Roman Emperor Nero, which dispatched his / her servants scurrying the mountain range to have several refreshing ideal, that has been next blended inside together with many fruits, baby or perhaps wine beverages and also dished up being a one-of-a-kind handle to be able to his / her friends.
The expression 'Ice Cream' has been coined simply by U . s . colonists inside 1776, from your period 'Iced Cream'.
Immigrants with Ellis Tropical isle have been dished up Vanilla Snow Product within their particular initial pleasant food.
Americans will be the largest buyer regarding snow product on earth, chowing straight down typically forty-eight pints every particular person annually!
While once in a while delight yourself about producing unconventional (translate yucky) flavours just like artichoke and also beans, individuals were since innovative inside the 1700's : Any cookbook composed inside 1790 acquired tested recipes regarding parmesan, ginger and also brownish loaves of bread distinctive flavored snow product!

Bấm xem ảnh ở cửa sổ mới
One extremely crucial components inside snow product will be.... Oxygen! With out the handle could be since tough since stone.
The Earth's largest snow product sundae developed inside 1988, assessed a huge 52, 000 excess fat, even though the earth's largest Snow Product Information composed regarding twenty eight, 000 scoops regarding blood snow product tipped the particular sizes with 7, 400 excess fat.
And ultimately, that seemingly will take 60 notes you can eat an individual information regarding snow product : one thing I must validate straight away!

Bấm xem ảnh ở cửa sổ mới
Missed the possible opportunity to have got snow Product nowadays? : Don’t worry about it, Chief executive Reagan furthermore reported the complete calendar month regarding Come july 1st : Snow Product calendar month : a single to be famed together with appropriate events and also routines : slurp!
sources:, drspock. com

Bấm xem ảnh ở cửa sổ mới
One may well assume folks surviving in subzero temperature ranges to flee for some more comfortable destinations or simply just,  hibernate. Nevertheless the inhabitants regarding Harbin.
kingtdcm21 Email Homepage
25/04/2014 17:50
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