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UnknownUnknown Người gửiTác giả: Admin | Ngày gửi16:04- Nov 29, 2007
Highslide JSFixed hotfix issue, no more workaround trick required to avoid that
-Ability to save transforming information for later uses and unattended transformation
-Ability to detect the targeted machine and give suggested setup configuration
-Some transformation procedures refinements you should look at like pre-configure on first run, removed obsolete dialogs and msn skin, etc.
-New 3rd-party apps and new version of existing apps

And yes, it's free still without paying few hundreds for some certain stuff you like in Vista.
For detailed changes and download , please a look below...

Changes in Version 8.0.1
-Fixed pre-configuration specifications to improve performance (Removed unstable applications from list)
-Fixed TrueTransparency's stability (some settings in skin causing input hook problems)
-Fixed Visualtooltip configuration when user accidently deletes the configuration files in there
-Removed backup files' status and put CPU model instead (obsolete checking)
-Updated system files' status report to "Out of sync" and repairing system files information
-Updated user account configuration system for more subtle performance

Vista Transformation Pack 8.0 to 8.0.1 Patch Nếu bạn đã cài bản 8.0 trước đó:

Download Vista Transformation Pack 8.0.1 New:
Main: http://www.getvtp.com/vtpdl.html

Lưu ý khi cài đặt: Nếu bình thường bạn ko cài đặt được thì bạn hãy vào safe mod (chế độ an toàn) để cài đặt gói này, vào Safe Mod bằng cách, khởi động lại máy, nhấn F8, chọn Safe Mod và đợi một xíu...
Khi cài đặt thì bạn nên chọn chế độ mặc định của VTP, thế sẽ tốt hơn ^^
For detailed changes and download , please a look below...

Changes in Version 8.0
-Added CPU Speed information in Welcome Center
-Added saving setup information file to save setup configuration for later uses with unattended transformation support
-Added installation background
-Added "System optimized" in Setup Configuration to configure the user account corresponding to machine's spec
-Added TrueTransparency 0.8.5 (Glass border with ported AeroStyle skin)
-Added WinFlip 0.42 (Vista 3DFlip)
-Fixed KB925902 hotfix issues with file processing animation
-Fixed Media Center program execution error
-Fixed rebuilding icon cache bug on non-current users during the processes
-Fixed Styler's installation checking bug (always set toolbar to styler mode when possible)
-Fixed failing to apply Vista screensaver
-Fixed program name in Add/Remove Programs
-Fixed subscribing Windows X's shrine to be default homepage bug in Welcome Center
-Fixed visualtooltip's advanced configuration bug
-Fixed WindowBlinds 6 skin installation compatibility
-Moved hotfix warning to user guide file to prevent confusion
-Re-arranged welcome dialog for richer information
-Replaced Extras in Welcome Center with Community link to forum
-Removed configuring user account's status report
-Removed obsolete dialogs (WindowBlinds warning, Before transformation, Donation, FAQ and Q&A)
-Removed Vista Live Messenger 8.1 skin
-Updated Setup Configuration in Welcome Center to cover on everything
-Updated setup transformation to pre-configure current user account before finishing the transformation
-Updated theming engine configuration
-Updated Vista Sidebar to version 2.3 Lite
-Updated Vista Sidebar user account configuration in Welcome Center
-Updated ViStart to build 2661
-Updated ViOrb to version 2.0
-Updated VisualTooltip to version 2.2
-Updated Welcome Center to pre-configure user account with system optimized option on the first run in that user account

MD5 Hash (of RAR): B8F49A08DB3DFA0491C5C569B9E623D8
MD5 Hash (of EXE): 9E35BA09F670A21023EDB9F1E5DB738C

If it doesn't match with your downloaded file, it might an version that contains bugs or it may be infected with malware.
DIGG IT: http://digg.com/software/Vista_Transformation_Pack_8_Released

Bài viết số 299 đã được: 5.1/10 (9 Đánh giá)

babun Email Homepage
29/09/2008 20:22
dinhthang Email
27/09/2008 19:54
sao toi cai dat vtp8 song rui restar lai thi hinh cung hien len nhung khong co bieu tuong bieu tuong gi ca va cung khong lam gi duoc ca
zd Email Homepage
22/12/2007 17:00
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